About Our Church Family

Characteristics of Our Origins

Emphasis on Bible teaching as the sole authority

Stressing salvation by means of immersion of believers

A self-governing local congregation

Every member using their giftedness

Acapella worship

Weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper

A history in the Restoration Movement

Seeking New Testament Christianity

South Pacific Bible College

This church founded the school and provides the spiritual home to many students

Atmosphere or Personality

Informal and relaxed with a down-to-earth family feeling

Ideals We Strive Toward

Unity within the congregation without requiring uniformity

Valuing diversity and the way it enriches our group

Acceptance of people at their particular stage of life and spiritual maturity

Providing a safe environment where people can confess sin and ask for help

Speaking truth in love

People spending time together in and out of worship- Spontaneous fellowship

A generous spirit

Representing Christ in our community

Determination to stand firmly on what is essential to faith

Humility to make changes when needed

Boldness in advancing the Kingdom of God


Essentials of Our Faith